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Two Of the Newest X Ray Imaging Technologies Being Taught

Medical imaging began with the discovery of X-Rays by Wilhelm Conrad Rˆntgen in 1895 and his creation showing that these rays could be focused to peer inside the body and visualize bony structures and soft tissue abnormalities. From this Nobel Prize winning miracle discovery to the modern day technologies, there are now many means by which the internal structures of the body can be assessed without the need for cutting it open.

Ultrasound Imaging

Two esteemed researchers are noted in the history of ultrasound and medical imaging. They are: Doctor Karl Theodore Dussik of Austria, who published the first paper on medical ultrasonics in 1942, based on his research on transmission ultrasound investigation of the brain; and Professor Ian Donald of Scotland, who developed practical technology and applications for ultrasound during the 1950s.

Two Major Physical Therapy Treatments - Athletic and Burn Injuries

Because many medical practices specialize in sports medicine, a physical therapy assistant is well acquainted with the many different types of injuries that athletes can experience. Anytime the human body is pushed to the edge and beyond, anything can happen, and usually does.

 As explained on jan colley's pta site, what most people don't understand is, that even the best athletes, in the prime of their careers, and at the peak of their physical capabilities, can experience a catastrophic injury that could result in the end of their sports career. This is never more so than with certain aging athletes who remain in the game, long after their physical capacity to endure the rigor.

Medical Billing And Coding: Having The Best Education Makes Sense


The school one chooses for medical billing and coding, can make a big impact on helping one become employed in the medical field. In order to gain worthy employment, one would need the right schooling. These days, there are many educational choices available to people looking for that right program, but do keep in mind, there are not all alike, not all of them prepare the person for their certification exams and not all of them are accredited. Many employers want to employ those who have had reputable training, so that they do not have to waste a lot of time, training the individual. …

Earn A Great CNA Salary

The starting cna salary is great for someone who is looking to enter the field of nursing. It is easy to become certified and classes can take under 3 months to complete. Nursing is a field experiencing rapid growth and becoming a cna is a great way to insure job security in the future. Healthcare is on the rise with the baby boomer generation starting to retire and nursing assistants will be needed.

The starting salary of a cna is in between $25k and $35K. Three main factors that will determine how much you make are your experience, location and they type of facility you work in. For example a metropolitan city will pay more and likewise a large hospital will pay more than a small nursery home. …

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